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NYT's Bruni: Democrats Have Trump "Dead To Rights" On Ukraine Call


FRANK BRUNI, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: I think the White House is trying to throw as much dust into the air as possible. They're trying to make this about process and subpoenas and drag it out. They're trying to move this as far as possible from this moment when the public learned of this Ukraine call, saw the transcript, and the story was very, very simple.

Look, they have Trump dead to rights when it comes to this call. You read that transcript. The transcript that if anything is favorable to Trump because it came from the White House. And it is clear that what you have here is a president abusing his office to try to get a foreign government illegally involved in a U.S. election to do a hit job on his political rival. It's all right there.

And as soon as we had that, public opinion polls moved toward impeachment inquiry, toward impeachment, where they had not been there based on the kind of multi-tentacled sprawl of the Mueller report. The Democrats, if they can avoid multi-tentacled sprawl, and keep this very tightly focused on that Ukrainian phone call and that abuse of office that is what the public is responding to right now that's what they will continue to respond to unless it gets messy.

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