Bullock: DNC Rules Have Allowed Billionaire Tom Steyer To Buy A Spot On Presidential Debate Stage


Democratic governor of Montana and 2020 hopeful Steve Bullock joined MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Tuesday to discuss reports that billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer has qualified for the upcoming presidential primary debate.

"I'm working it every day and I have a ways to go," Bullock said about qualifying. "I think the DNC rules were well-intentioned, but what it really has done is allowed a billionaire to buy a spot on the debate stage. Tom Steyer just spent ten million dollars to get 130,000 donors. We're getting to the point where we're spending money online as opposed to actually talking to voters. The Republican Party all throughout 2015 had a 1% threshold. It is a rough day when Democrats are less inclusive than Republicans."

"Grassroots support and elections are about people to talking to people," he said. "Not billionaires being able to spend a whole lot of money to buy Facebook ads, and that's what all the campaigns are starting to do. As well-intentioned as this might be, it is not too late for the DNC... to say, 'let's make sure that it is the early state voters who take a large field and winnow it down.'"

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